Privacy Policy

Xodiac Inc. takes your privacy seriously. All personally identifiable information you provide will be stored for the purpose of personalizing our services for you. Under no circumstances will this information be shared or sold without your explicit consent. All data collected as a result of using our services will be used to further improve our services. Under no circumstances will that data be presented in a way that jeopardizes your privacy.

What data do we collect?
Data provided by registered users
  • Credentials: You provide us with your email address and password during the sign up process. Your email address also serves as your username.
  • Team profile: Registered users setup team profiles in which they manage team members. All registered users who are a team member have access to the team profile and can see the usernames of the other team members.
  • Team assessment: All information provided by team members is stored and analysed by Socrates to build a model of the team's capabilities and suggest relevant advice.
Data we collect automatically
  • Logs: We store information about our users' access to the system. This allows us to diagnose and resolve problems efficiently, up to two weeks after they occur.
How do we use your data?
  • Credentials: Usernames are stored unaltered, while passwords are first asymmetrically encrypted (unrecognizably and irreversably altered) and only then stored. Credentials are solely used to allow registered users to identify themselves and get access to the data associated with their account.
    We use the username to notify you through email of relevant events related to your use of our services.
  • Team profile: The concept of a team is critical to our services. It allows you to collaborate with colleagues by adding them as team members. At the same time, it allows us get to know your teams and help them with their specific needs.
  • Team assessment: The answers from the various polls and other assessment inputs are used to continuously update and refine the models and algorithms that help us provide your team with more useful observations and advice.
    As we collect information for more teams, we will show your team's progress in comparison to other teams around the world.
How long do we retain your data?
As a general principle, we keep data for as long as necessary to support our services to our customers. Any credentials and other personal information are only retained for as long as the user chooses to maintain an active account. As soon as you delete your account (or request to have it deleted), all credentials and personal information is purged from our database. All other information related to teams is crucial to our services to our customers and is stored for a long as relevant and necessary.
Who should you contact with additional questions about the use of your data?

Should you have any concerns about the privacy of your data or have specific requests related to your data, please contact us at

Change log
  • May 25, 2018: Initial creation of the privacy policy to comply with the requirements of EU's Global Data Protection Regulation