What can Socrates do for me?

In essence, Socrates helps your team get better. True to his philosophic stance, he will challenge your team asking questions and encouraging critical thinking. While his current focus is on understanding how your team works and encouraging you to do the same, over time Socrates will start offering little pieces of advice for you to improve your team's delivery.

One behaviour at a time

The road to continuous improvement is a long one. It requires your team to stay disciplined to challenge its own behaviours every single day, while still delivering value to the customer at the same time. To ensure your team can make enough time available and stays motivated to accept help, Socrates only presents your team with one behaviour a day, requiring as little as 10 minutes of your team's time on a daily basis.

Without judgement

Socrates is there to help. While encouraging your team to improve, he does not judge your behaviours. After all, the best judge of your team's behaviours is the team itself. Your team alone knows the entire context and can explain why certain behaviours are valid even against the general expectation. When using Socrates as intended, those reasons will become clear to your entire team.

Changing minds

Socrates will always be there to ask critical questions, but your team will need to change its behaviours to continuously improve. Working with Socrates on a daily basis will nourish your team's ability to challenge itself in situations that Socrates currently cannot predict. With practicing critical thinking comes the ability to identify opportunities and improve your behaviours.

Why should I sign up?

The better Socrates gets to know you and your team, the more he will be able to help. Allow Socrates to store your answers in your free account and report on your capabilities. Get insight into your team's progress browsing trough past answers.

No payment information required, free for life

At no time during the sign up process will you be asked for any credit card or billing information. All functionality you can access for free today will always remain free. Some future functionality might be offered through optional priced plans.

Lots more to come!

While Socrates can help your teams today, he is learning how to provide you with specialized advice in the future. Sign up today to be ready for dedicated advice as soon as Socrates is smart enough!


Socrates has big plans and a ton of energy to accomplish them. Follow @xodiacinc to be notified of new plans and releases. In the mean time, try out what Socrates has to offer today! ( requires sign in)

  • One behaviour a day

    Socrates challenges your team to think about a single behaviour per day. Through discussion, the team gains understanding about their way of working and is encouraged to implement a small improvement action on a daily basis.

How do we use this?

Socrates helps your team get better with little investment and no external help.

Every day, Socrates presents you with a statement related to your team's delivery capability. Spend maximum 10 minutes going through the following steps:

  1. Discuss the statement and if it applies to your team. Does your team expose the statement's behaviour or not? Should you not agree as a team, briefly layout the reasons for the differing opinions.
  2. Discuss the impact of your team's exposure of the behaviour. Would the alternative (not showing the behaviour as opposed to showing it and vice versa) be a good thing? Would that be beneficial for your team results short term and long term? Discuss the reasons behind this so everyone is on the same page and understands the impact on your team's results.
  3. If the alternative would be better, discuss what you can do today to improve and move towards the better option. Do not try to solve everything at once, even the smallest conscious step towards improvement will contribute to your team's continuous improvement mindset.